Environmentally Sensitive - Minimum vibration, lower noise and overpressure emission than conventional explosives

Similar yields to conventional blasting can be achieved

Flexible Cycles - steers away from a set fracturing pattern allowing each shot to be inspected and assessed before proceeding to next shot

Only localised clearance of personnel is required. Production is optimized due to no downtime experienced due to site evacuation

Simple process that can be used upon completion of the Rock Removal Solutions training course 

Possession of a shot firers ticket not a prerequisite to become certified

Low capital lightweight equipment is all that is needed to get started 

The cartridges impart minimal energy to adjacent rock and structures therefore minimizing the damage beyond the excavation perimeter 


The cartridges are much safer to store and transport than high explosives. The UN classification of 1.4S has been assigned to the cartridges allowing it to be stored and transported without stringent regulations applying, resulting in significant transport and storage cost savings