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The Rock Removal Cartridges are ideal for breaking rock formations. They are easy to use, quick and efficient, making them perfect for controlled and sensitive environments. Below you will find an overview of possible applications:

Oversized rocks
If you are looking for low vibration, minimal fly rock, and complete control, Rock Removal Cartridges should be at the top of your list. The cartridges use deflagration instead of detonation to break or split rocks and stones with maximum control from a safe distance of just 30 metres. No Evacuation means less downtime.

The use of explosives in quarrying is common practice where large segments of a rock face are ripped apart with explosives in order to keep production levels high, without the need for expensive machinery. However, working with explosives requires complete evacuation of the quarry including personnel, and equipment. Hiring a 3rd party explosive tech is possible, but can be very costly. With Rock Removal Cartridges, production processes can continue as usual, with only an area of 30 metres around the blast site needing to be cleared. Rock Removal Cartridges are safe to use without permits and the safety boundary for blasting nowhere within one hundred metres of existing infrastructure, no longer applies.


Since using the Rock Removal Cartridge we have seen a sharp increase in...

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